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Student Event Forms and Related Policies

Event Request and Notification

Submit a request to reserve space and related services on campus. 

Prior to your event being confirmed, the following will happen:

  1. Requestor submits RUFAS 

  2. You will receive an email from asking you to sign your request through DocuSign.

  3. Once you sign the RUFAS, it will be sent to your President or Treasurer to sign.

  4. Once your President or Treasurer signs, it will be sent to your Advisor to sign.

  5. Once your Advisor signs, it will be sent to the appropriate Student Involvement Advisor to sign. Your Student Involvement Advisor may ask that you meet with them prior to signing off on your RUFAS.

  6. Once the Student Involvement Advisor signs, your RUFAS will be sent to Conference and Event Services who will sign to confirm receipt of your RUFAS. CES may need to contact you with questions regarding your request.

  7. CES will schedule your event in 25Live, the campus scheduling system, and attach the event confirmation to the fully signed RUFAS. You will receive another email when this is completed.

Facilities and services are not reserved or held until you have received the completely signed RUFAS with event confirmation.

Student RUFAS


To track the progress of your RUFAS, please sign up for the free DocuSign service on DocuSign's website. Your DocuSign account email address must be the same as your email address on the RUFAS. All of your requests will show up on the site and/or mobile app where you can sign and see who needs to sign your request.

Student Group Off-Campus Event Notification Form

Required to notify Student Involvement of your off-campus club events.

Student Off-Campus Event Notification Form

Event Changes, Cancelation, and No Show Policies

  • Classrooms: Same day
  • Residential Meeting Rooms (Beaujolais, Casentino, Carneros, etc.): 7 days
  • Valley Rooms:
    • If no tech equipment is provided (other than projector/screen): 7 days
    • If tech equipment (laptop, mics, etc.) is provided: 21 days
  • Ballrooms: 21 days
  • Campus Rec Spaces:
    • 7 days for events with staffing or events scheduled outside normal business hours
    • 24 hours for all other events
  • Other Venues: Vary by location and event needs. Please email or to confirm.

Your group will be considered a no show if:

  • Your group does not show up for a reservation
  • OR, if your group is more than 20 minutes late to a reservation

  • First Occurrence: You will receive a written warning.
  • Second Occurrence: Your organization will be charged in full for the room set up and any staffing resources.
    • If your event is in a Valley Room: the minimum fee is $25*
    • If your event is in a Ballroom: the minimum fee is $100*
    • If your event is in a different space: fees vary depending on location and any equipment/resources provided.
  • Third Occurrence: Your organization will be charged in full again for the room set up and any staffing resources. Your group may also lose the ability to reserve spaces for the rest of the semester, and any existing future reservations in that semester may be canceled.

*Minimum fees are listed. Actual fees charged may vary. If you have any questions about what your potential cost to cancel could be, please contact

Event Space and Setup

Sonoma State University encourages special events and use of campus facilities and services for special events by internal and external groups provided that such events are consistent with the mission of Sonoma State University and do not violate federal, state, or local law or any policy or regulation of the Trustees of the California State University or the policies and regulations of Sonoma State University. This policy delineates a framework to aid University groups and organizations in planning and scheduling events and reservations such as meetings, exhibits, performances, conferences, training, and recreational events to be held at Sonoma State University. By describing a uniform approach to event planning and evaluation, we hope to make the process of planning events and reservations consistent across campus.

Campus Scheduling Priorities
Space:Open Date:

Residential Spaces:

Beaujolais Meeting Room, Tuscany Meeting Room:

Opens for event scheduling 2 weeks into the start of the semester and can be scheduled up to 2 weeks out.

Residential Spaces: 


Up to 3 years in advance.

Athletics/Kinesiology Space:

Main Gym, Field House, Practice Fields, Tennis Courts & Pool

Opens up on November 1 for the upcoming spring semester and summer reservations.

Opens up on April 1 for fall semester reservations.

Recreation Center:

Opens up on December 1 for the upcoming spring semester and summer reservations. 

The fourth week of each semester, courts open up for reservations from the fourth week to the seventh week (based on the Intramural Sportschedule). 

The eight week of each semester, courts open up for reservations from the eighth week and the end of the semester (based on the Intramural Sports schedule). 

Opens up on June 1 for the upcoming fall semester reservations. 


Stevenson, Darwin, Ives, Salazar, Carson, Nichols, International Hall, Zinfandel, GMC academic spaces, Person Theater

Opens up Mid-May for Fall classroom reservations.

Opens up Mid-November for Spring classroom reservations.

Opens up Mid-April for Summer classroom reservations.

Student Center:

Ballrooms and Valley Rooms

Students & Departments in the Student Center: Up to 3 years in advance.

Departments: Up to 6 months in advance.

External Groups: Up to 4 months in advance.

A Fire Marshal Special Event Permit is required any time an event is set up in a way that is outside of what space is approved for.

Examples include: 

  • Outdoor events
  • Haunted house setups 
  • Events in the Recreation Center
  • Use of a generator
  • Traffic flow changes, such as 5K runs

The CES office will submit the request for the Special Event Permit on your behalf. Any event request that requires a Special Event Permit must be submitted to the CES office at least 30 days prior to the requested event date.

Fire Marshal fees vary based on the scale and complexity of your event. Some events require a permit and more complex events require a permit and a walkthrough. CES will charge the Fire Marshal fees to the chartfield string provided on your RUFAS.

Intended Activities

University’s guidelines on time, place, and manner in which you may complete your intended activity.

Time Place Manner Policy

Sales Policy

Guidelines you are required to follow in order to sell goods or solicit sales on campus.

Sales Policy


Sales Form 

 Required to obtain approval to sell goods or solicit sales on campus.

Sales Form

Sonoma State University supports all forms of legal free speech and is committed to providing a safe space for the expression of the range of ideas, viewpoints, and opinions. This notification must be carried by the applicant or participant during the free speech activity.

Free Speech Notification Form

Food and Beverage Service

For food and beverage policies including food vendor and usage, food-related policies and forms, and student club organization opportunities, please visit the Food and Beverage Policies webpage.