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Department FAQs

Booking/Cancelation Policy

Yes, you have the option of selecting multiple spaces while completing the Department RUFAS. You can also attach your schedule and we can assist you in reserving spaces that meet the needs of your reservation. 

Yes, you have the ability to request pre and post-event time while completing the Department RUFAS

Pre-event - time should cover the amount of time you need to set up any elements that you are responsible for at your event e.g. programs, centerpieces, check-in tables, queuing up your presentation. 

Post-event - the amount of time you need to clean up elements that you set up for your reservation, e.g. check-in materials, programs, decor, etc.

Departments can submit a request for the use of space on campus as soon as the space is open for scheduling. Please check out the campus scheduling priorities on the Department Forms and Related Policies webpage.  

  1. Please contact the CES office immediately to notify us of cancellation via a phone call or email. 
  2. If you have a last-minute cancelation please be sure to make contact with someone in the CES office and if you cannot reach anyone in the CES office, because it is after hours or over the weekend, please reach out to the Student Center Info + Tickets desk, (707) 664-2382 and let them know the event has been canceled.
  3. Notify your attendees of the cancelation to ensure they do not show up for the canceled event.
  4. If you “no show” for your reservation your club will be charged for the preparation of facilities and services ordered for your event.

Space/Set Up

We have event venues on campus that can be modified to meet the needs of your program. E.g. Student Center Ballrooms and Valley Rooms and Cooperage. Smart classrooms are another option that may meet the needs of your program.  

If you are looking for an outdoor location to host your event consider the Arbor and Lakes, Person Lawn, or one of our quad or plazas on campus. 

If you are curious about whether or not a specific space can be reserved please list it as your first choice on the Department RUFAS as well as your second choice location or contact Conference & Event Services. 

CES will work with you to create a setup that meets the needs for your reservation. We prepare to scale diagrams for you to review. Some common setups are reception, theater, banquet, classroom, and board. Some common additions to those setups are stages, check-in tables, presentation tables, etc. You can find sample setups on our venues webpage. You have the ability to list your setup needs on the Department RUFAS.

Technical Support

CES can assist you in reserving AV/Tech that meets the needs of your event or reservations. The best planning tool to help us determine your tech needs is a program or run of the show. As we go through the program we can determine your needs based on what you have planned.

Tech specialists are required to execute events that exceed a technical basic setup. Examples of these are events that require more than one microphone, outdoor events with audiovisual needs, and venues that do not have “plug and play” technology such as the Cooperage and Student Center Ballrooms.

To view the tech available per venue visit our venues webpage.

Food and Beverage

Campus Departments and Chartered Student Organizations are allowed to use Approved Food Vendors who have applied and met the requirements to be an Approved Food Vendors at Sonoma State University. See the Approved Food Vendors.

Available For:

Campus departments and chartered student organizations.

Event Guidelines:

The use of Approved Food Vendors is allowed for all departmental and student events unless:

  • The event is taking place in a Culinary Services venue. For example, Prelude, Overlook, The Kitchens, Lobos, etc.
  • Food is prepared or stored using equipment owned and/or operated by Sonoma State Enterprises, Inc.
  • The event is deemed an External Event as defined in section II.N. of the Food Service and Sales Policy.
  • The event has a planned attendance of 300 or more.
  • Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis for basic catered services.

Planning Requirements:

The event host will be responsible for all coordination with the food service provider and ensuring that all necessary spaces and resources have been scheduled with the CES office to support the event. If an Approved Food Vendor is providing any service on campus, (i.e. setting up buffet lines, serving guests, etc.) the request must be made two (2) weeks prior to the event.

Please note, all service items including linens, plates, glassware, utensils, ice, etc. will need to be provided by the vendor. Culinary Services will not comingle food service or service items with an Approved Food Vendor.

Payment and Contracting:

If utilizing an Approved Food Vendor, the ProCard can be used. ProCard holders should follow the ProCard Handbook and the Hospitality policy. Any needs above the cardholders per transaction limit or if no official guests will be present an EREQ would be required along with a signed hospitality form.

All space requests and resource reservations will need to be completed through the Conference and Event Services office.

Additional information:

Yes if it falls under the following guidelines.

A potluck is defined as an event in which participants bring food to be shared with other participants.

Available For:

Campus departments and chartered student organizations.

Event Restrictions:

Potlucks must be classified as Private Events as defined in section II.L. of the Food Service and Sales Policy

Food may not be sold to the public or given away free to the public.

A large sign (easily visible) must be posted in the area where the potluck is taking place indicating that it is a “Closed Event” or “Private Event” and not open to the public.

You can submit a request to serve donated food. Please see the guidelines below.

Available For:

Campus departments and chartered student organizations.

Event Restrictions:

  • If the event is a Public Event as defined in section II.K. of the Food Service and Sales Policy AND the food/beverage is a Potentially Hazardous Food as defined in section II.C. of that policy, it must be provided by a licensed facility and served and stored in accordance with applicable laws.
  • The sale of food that has been donated free of charge is not permitted per CalCode.

Planning Requirements:

  • The health permit and certificate of insurance of the supplier must be provided.
  • Any alcohol donations must be coordinated with Culinary Services.
  • If the event is a Public Event as defined in section II.K. of the Food Service and Sales Policy AND the food/beverage is a Potentially Hazardous Food as defined in section II.C. of that policy, the event host must complete Request to Supply Donated Food three (3) weeks prior to the event date. 

Additional Information:

Request to Supply Donated Food