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Student Planner Checklist and Deadlines

Fill out and submit a request form for your event

Please note, Conference & Event Services does not receive your RUFAS until all of your signers have signed the form. We recommend that you follow the steps in Clubs and Organizations Event Request Form on the Student Event Forms and Related Policies

 30 business days before your event

Police Form required for events of over 100 guests or requesting police staffing.

*Information due to CES and CES will submit the form on behalf of your group. 

Liquor License requests into CES for any unlicensed spaces on campus that alcohol will be served.

Fire Marshal Special Event Permit is required any time an event is set up in a way that is outside of what space is approved for. Examples include outdoor events, haunted house setups, events in the Recreation Center, use of a generator, and traffic flow changes (such as 5K runs).

20 business days before your event

Deadline to request large event venues e.g. Ballrooms, the Cooperage, and all setup and technical needs.

Tech Specialist requests due. Tech Specialists are required for tech resources needed outside of the Student Center, all Ballrooms, and events in any space that require more than two mics, uplighting, and other enhanced needs. 

Request Culinary Services Catering through CES.

15 business days before your event

Catering Contract due to CES. 

Parking Services and Permits requests due. 

  5 business days before your event

Final catering guest counts due to CES by noon. All updates must remain within the terms of the signed contract.

Deadline to request Valley Rooms for reservations that do not require tech or support. 

Ensure that your organization's designated onsite event planner will be present from pre-event to post-event.